The Agreement

The artist will meet with you in person, or using skype, in order to work out every detail of the painting to our satisfaction.

Because the artist is working with travel photos or family photos, it is unlikely that one photo will carry enough information. Additional photos may need to be provided, or taken, to ensure that the subject is presented clearly for the portrait. Remember, this is a portrait, and we want to have an excellent representation of each person involved. It is essential to get the correct eye color, hair color, and skin tone for each portrait.

The artist will work together with you in order to create a complete composition that is exciting and representational to what you envision. Colors, elements, and positioning will be designed by the artist with your full participation and agreement.

The Portrait Commission Contract

Once all parties are agreed, a Portrait Commission Contract will be signed by the client. Some aspects of the contract is explained below.

Initial Payment

A 50% initial non- refundable payment is made upon agreement of the contract.

All transactions can be made online using a credit card through Stripe or with PayPal.

The Mid-Point Review

Once 50% or more of the painting is completed, you will be able to review the painting. During this time, you will be able to suggest any minor adjustments in order to be fully satisfied.

After the mid-point review, an additional payment of 30% will now be required.

The Unveiling!

Once the painting is completed, the final payment of 20% will be due, plus taxes and shipping. Once shipping fees have been determined, then the painting will be on its way to you!

The artist will be more than happy to advise you on suitable framing in order to display your painting to its maximum advantage.


The artist reserves the right to exhibit the painting on her website. It will be an honor and a pleasure to share this original piece of art created especially for you with the rest of the world.

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