About the Artist

Androniki (Niki) Pitsillides is a portrait and landscape artist who specializes in creating personal, meaningful oil paintings from the wonderful moments and adventures in your life. Her intense love of nature, and admiration for the human body, combine to form Living Portraits in Nature that represent a special moment or experience that the client has lived and wishes to immortalize in a deeply personal work of art.

From hiking mountain trails, to sailing on a lake, to fly fishing in a river, her background landscapes encompass mountains, forests, lakes, deserts, oceans, rainforests, and more.

With her love of color and excellent knowledge of human anatomy and nature, she captures moments in time and transforms them into a canvas filled with a wealth of color and vibrancy.

Niki has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biochemistry as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Fine Arts. Her studies in anatomy and physiology, biology, botany, chemistry, natural history, ornithology, and life sciences have allowed her to connect with her love of nature and its mysteries in a way that translates into her artwork.

She has also mastered drawing and painting the human form, and has worked in water colors, acrylics, pastels, photography, and sculpture. However, her favorite art form is oil painting, where she can capture the detail, shape and fullness of the human form amid natural surroundings, in vibrant and brilliant colors, with great respect to realism.

Niki is an active member of the Artists In Canada Association.

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